RECOMMENDATION: Download the latest version right before you start your tournament. That way, you will get the best, most up to date version.

NOTE: This program works in Windows 7 only and does NOT work with Office/Excel 2016 or 2019. It also does not work with online Excel, Excel basic, Excel student.


1. Install the Chilkat Email Program (you need to do this EVEN if you won’t be emailing ballots; the PlusTab program will not work without it).

EmailActiveX.msi (Download-save to your hard drive, then right click and install–do not run from this web site)

If you have Excel/Office 64 bit, download the 64 bit zip file and follow the instructions on this page
(Note: Most people have the 32 bit version of Excel/Office; if so, just use the EmailActiveX.msi file)


2. Download the PlusTab File you want to use.

EXCEL 2007, 2010, 2013—does not work in other versions

Note important bug notices: 1) using a B for byes can cause program errors in some situations ESPECIALLY IN ROUND 1—use numbers and then you can replace after round 2 results are all in, 2) judge placement can stop working in a few cases, and 3) pairing elims that happen at different times can cause a bug in a few cases. See below for fixes to these issues. Version 2.33 was released September 30, 2013.

Plus Tab 2.33 For Regular Screens

Plus Tab 2.33 For High Res Screens

EXCEL 2003

Plus Tab 2.33 for regular screens with Excel 2003

Plus Tab 2.33 for high res screens with Excel 2003

Why use the High Res Screen Version? It shows longer lists of schools, judges, teams, rooms.
The High Res Screen version requires a screen with 990 vertical resolution or higher (eg 1280x1024, 1680x1050, 1900x1080, 1440 x990, 1080p, etc.). If your vertical resolution is less than 990, part of the program's screen will be cut off.


3. Unzip the file.

Need an Unzip Program? Download Free 7-Zip


4. Open the unzipped file in Excel (allowing macros to operate).*


5. Immediately "Save As" the file with a name for your tournament in a folder you use.

You are now ready to use the Program.



*NOTE: In Excel, you need to allow macros/vba code in order for the program to operate.

--In Excel 2003, click tools, macro, security, and choose medium or low. Exit and Re-open Excel, then open the PlusTab file.

--In Excel 2007/2010, click Orb/File, Click Excel Options, Click Trust Center on the left, Click Trust Center Settings . . . on the right, Click Macro Settings on the left, Choose Disable Macros with notification or Enable all Macros. Exit and Re-open Excel, then open the PlusTab file.

Can't get the File to Work? Email Jim at and he will email it to you.

Need help? Email Jim. Jim usually responds quickly after 10am each day. Also, check our Problems using the Program for solutions to problems.

Comments about the program during or after you run your tournament? Yes, Please Email Jim. Tell him any problems you had and attach the spreadsheet. We are dedicated to making the program work better for you and everyone.

1) using a B for byes can cause program errors in some situations

Fix: remove the B and input points that are approximately that team’s average or estimated average and then manually change it before going to elimination rounds (by giving the average points for that debater).

2) judge placement can stop working in some cases usually in elims

Fix: on the Rounds sheet, you will need to enter the judge codes. Sorry–we know this is a pain when it happens.

3) pairing elims that do not happen at the same time can cause a bug in a few cases.

Fix: pair the elims at the same time (same time block) and then make manual adjustments.