Information/History of the Program  

Here are some common questions we have received from PlusTab users:

1. Does it work on Macs?

Sorry, not it does not--not even in Excel 2011 for Mac.

You need to use bootcamp and Windows XP/Vista/7 and Excel 2010, 2007 or 2003 for Windows.

2. Does it work on Excel 2016/2019/365?

No, sorry. You should use Excel 2010 though it works on 2003, 2007. You also MUST use Windows 7. It does not work in Windows 10 (nor 8).

3. Can I edit the spreadsheets directly?

Advanced users can edit the spreadsheets as noted in the sheet for advanced users in the program. However, if you unhide spreadsheets and play with them, you are likely to cause errors.

NOTE: IF YOU EDIT THE SPREADSHEETS without following the guidelines for advanced users--YOU WILL CAUSE THE PROGRAM TO STOP RUNNING.

4. Can I use an older version of the software?

NO--YOU SHOULD USE VERSION 2.3 OR HIGHER. It already has the kinks worked out of it; over 190 revisions and improvements have been made to the program since the release of Version 2.0.

Earlier editions are no longer supported (as in, we really can't help you with it anymore). Version 2.3 is faster, has many, many more features and many less bugs (the bugs are almost entirely unusual situations). WE STRONGLY RECOMMEND YOU MAKE SURE YOU ARE USING VERSION 2.3 OR HIGHER. The version number is located on the Start Page in the lower right.

5. Why do I need to adjust my macro settings in Excel?

PlusTab is built through a series of compex macros programmed in visual basic for applications. You must enable macros when you open up the PlusTab excel file in order for the program to work.

6. Why do I need to install the Chilkat Email Software?

Because the program looks for that file when you do most functions. When it cannot find it, it will give you error messages.

7. Is the program really free?

Yes. There is no cost to download and use the program. You will need a copy of Microsoft Excel 2010, 2007 or 2003 and Windows 7. The Program does NOT work on Windows 8 nor Windows 10 nor on more recent versions of Excel.

8. Can I use or or joy of tournaments or speechwire and download the file from there?

Sorry—you cannot do this.

9. What if I have a problem using the program?


Explain the problem in the email.

Normally, Jim responds to emails within an hour or two except before 10:00am Pacific Coast Time.